The symposium on ‘Understanding Construction Contracts’ was hosted and sponsored by Bowmans Coulson Harney Advocates at their offices at the ICEA Lion Centre in Westlands. The fifty seven (57) representatives of KPDA who attended the forum were briefed on the Joint Building Council contract and its use in executing construction projects. The presentation by Alex Njage, Partner – Real Estate and Construction was eye-opening and certainly an indication that another educative forum needs to be organized to delve deeper into Joint Building Council (JBC) contracts and International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) contracts.

We would like to thank the following members that were in attendance at the Learning and Development Symposium:

  • Simba Corporation
  • HF Development and Investments Ltd
  • Imaran Real Estate Ltd
  • Natureville Homes
  • Urban Nirvana Property Solutions Ltd
  • Homes Kenya
  • Coulson Harney Advocates
  • Axis Real Estate Ltd
  • Kzanaka Limited
  • Global Property Advice
  • Vaal Real Estate Ltd
  • Laser Property Services Ltd
  • Paradigm Projects Ltd
  • Cytonn Real Estate
  • Mahida and Maina Advocates

To access the Presentation Made by Bowmans Coulson and Harney Advocates, please click on the link Here.