KPDA was established in Nairobi in 2006 as the representative body of the residential, commercial and industrial property development sector in Kenya. It is an emerging Business Member Organisation which works in proactive partnership with policy-makers, financiers and citizens to ensure that the property development industry grows rapidly but in an organized, efficient, economical and ethical manner.

Kenya Property Development Association was originally incorporated in 2006 as an independent, membership association, lobbying, research and education organization under the name Kenya Private Developers Association. Later, the name was changed to Kenya Property Developers Association and the Articles of Associations and By-laws were amended accordingly. The reason behind the change in name was to expand the Association’s mandate to serve the needs of both public and private property developers in Kenya, as well as other relevant players in the industry.

KPDA aims to achieve its vision through the following activities:

  1. Promotion of Private Sector: Forge partnerships with industry players to develop innovative development and financing mechanisms to accelerate the growth of the industry;
  2. Advocacy: Engage government and other stakeholders in policy dialogue to stimulate the property sector. Harmonize development activities with Kenya’s growth agenda, global standards and citizen concerns, by engaging relevant stakeholders;
  3. Education: Provide networking forums to launch industry related advocacy initiatives, share expertise, information and experiences and build business networks;
  4. Research: Conduct research that will inform the decisions we make and adequately equip members with valuable and up-to-date information about the industry;
  5. Ethical Standards: Promoting our core values and ensuring that the association is defined by promotion and protection of set laws and regulations.


  1. Public Appointments:

    • National Risk Assessment Nomination – of KPDA CEO Elizabeth Mwangi – Oluoch as a Liaison to the Proposed Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing National Risk Assessment Exercise under the National Treasury (April 2019)
    • NACRA Special Subcommittee Nomination – of KPDA Finance and Administrative Officer Vincent Mwango as a Member of the Special Subcommittee to Review the National Construction Research Agenda (NACRA) under the National Construction Authority (March 2019)
    •   NCA Board Member Appointment – of current KPDA Vice Chairman, Kenneth Luusa, to the Board of the National Construction Authority (NCA) under the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development (gazetted on Friday 24th August 2018)
    • Task Force Appointment – of KPDA members David Gatimu of the KPDA Affordable Housing Task Force, Caroline Kihara of KCB and Esther Omulele of MMC Africa Law to the Task Force on Electronic Land Transactions, Registration, Conveyancing and other related activities under Land Registration Act, 2012; Land Act, 2012 and Community Land Act, 2016 (gazetted on 3rd August 2018)
    • Task Force Appointment  – of KPDA members of KPDA Board Director, Gikonyo Gitonga to the Special Committee on the Formulation and Development of the Construction Industry Policy
    • Task Force Appointment – of current KPDA Chairman, Palkesh Shah and Immediate Past Chair, Mucai Kunyiha to the Task Force for Investigations On Processing of Extension and Renewal of Leases Since 2010 under the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning (gazetted 27th February 2017)
    •   Multi-Stakeholder Member – of KPDA CEO Elizabeth Mwangi – Oluoch to the Housing Contact Group under the (former) Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development (4th November 2015)
  2. Engagement on Policy Reforms and Advocacy (through Collaborations) with:
    • The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) – KPDA heads the Lands and Physical Planning Sector Board.
    • The Kenya Green Building Society (KGBS)
    • The Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK)
    • Kenya Federation of Master Builders (KFMB)
    • Association of Construction Project Managers of Kenya (ACMK)
    • The Upperhill District Association (UHDA)
    •  The National Construction Authority (NCA)
    •  The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)
    • The Water Resources Authority (WRA)
    • The National Buildings Inspectorate (NBI) and the
    • National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)
  3. Information and Knowledge Sharing through:
    • Focused research and analysis to inform sound policy analysis and public education (The KPDA Affordable Housing Report, June 2018);
    • Consistent and informed release of data to our mailing list (of 1, 500 contacts) through our weekly published KPDA Media Weekly Review Reports and our quarterly e-newsletter, The Developer’s Digest;
    • Regular analysis of the Nairobi City County Government Building Permitting Approvals.
  4. Events and Networking Opportunities:
    • Successful organizing of at least 2 professional networking and educating events every quarter with an attendance average of between 80pax to 120pax;
    • Participate as an expert speaker in networking events and professional development courses;
    • Opportunity for KPDA Members to sponsor networking events and have access to the database of guests;
    • Leverage on KPDA collaboration with other BMOs (and international event organizing companies) to access discounted rates of 15 – 20% to international and local partner events.
  • KPDA continues to have a very close working relationship with the Ministry for Housing through the State Department for Housing, Urban Development and Public Works. Both players are working closely together in the achievement of the Big 4 Housing Agenda to build 500, 000 affordable homes by 2020.
  • Contributes to the excellence within the industry through the promotion of world-class practice standards and sector-specific educational programs; and
  • Demonstrated our commitment towards Kenya having a sustainable, green environment by our continued collaboration with the UN Habitat and the Kenya Green Building Society;
  • Our collaboration with significant market players in the establishment of the National REITs Association which will ensure the smooth implementation of REITs in Kenya as well market REITs to encourage foreign investment in the Kenyan property market;

Our Core Values

  1. Integrity and Honesty: Integrity and honesty form the core of our daily decisions. We expect our members to uphold high standards of behavior and take personal responsibility for the decisions they make
  2. Transparency: We believe that transparency builds trust. We are upfront and visible about decisions and actions we take
  3. Professionalism and Diligence: We challenge and support our members to work to the highest industry standards. We honor our commitments and stakeholders’ needs to the best of our ability
  4. Sustainable Practices: We are committed to ensuring development serves human needs today while protecting the future of generations to come
  5. High Ethical Standards: We conduct our daily operations in accordance with the highest ethical standards with full commitment to observance of applicable laws

KPDA supports the property development industry in the following ways:

  • Improving the industry capacity and image by making it a pre-requisite for all members to sign the KPDA Code of Conduct;
  • Promoting public policies that make it easier to do business;
  • Hosting educational seminars on (amongst other themes) upcoming building technologies, legislation governing the industry and the provision of affordable housing;
  • Working with government and private sector players to identify issues of mutual concern and jointly address them;
  • Forging relationships between industry partners for positive collaboration;
  • Providing forums where developers network not only with each other but also, potential business partners as well as local and international investors;
  • Linking our members to new financing, marketing and project management opportunities;