# Issue / Agenda Policy / Bill / Act / Reg / Plan Category Document Link Objectives / Impact / Value / Benefits Status Update Action Required
1 Finance Act, 2022 Act Finance https://cutt.ly/IKK9Dt9 The Finance Act seeks to amend the laws relating to
various taxes and duties; and for matters incidental
The Act was assented to by the president on 23rd June 2022 Continue Lobbying for tax rebates in light of Covid-19 business recovery, and keep track of any developments in the taxation regime for the new financial year.
2 The Sustainable Waste Management Act, 2022 Act Environmental https://cutt.ly/HJbd4iF 1. This will ensure businesses use their material resources in a manner
that will reduce the amount of waste that is generated, and further
manage their waste in a way that contributes to the environmental,
social and economic goals of sustainable development.
2. It will introduce Take Back Schemes that provide for return of products
and packaging that may cause negative impacts on the environment to
the seller after their use.
3. It also introduces extended producer responsibility, to be placed on
entities engaged in the production, conversion or importation of
products and packaging, for the purpose of reducing the environmental
impact of the products or packaging. This entails the design of
environmentally friendly and recyclable products and packaging,
physical collection and management of waste, and financial
contributions to a collective scheme.
Assented to by the President on 6th July 2022 Ensure implementation of the Act
3 Sectional Properties Act, 2020 Act Land https://cutt.ly/0JbACae To facilitate registration of properties especially apartments. Assented to by the President on 11th December 2020 Ensure implementation of the Act
4 The Land Control Bill, 2022 Bill Land https://cutt.ly/gJbiCiM The Principal object of the bill is to repeal and replace the Land Control Act Cap. 302 to align the law governing dealings in agricultural land with provisions of CoK 2010, the Environment & Land Act 2011, the Land Registration Act, 2012 and the Land Act, 2012.                                                                                                     The bill proposes the establishment of the Land Control Committees in each constituency to replace the current Land Control Boards. It further proposes the establishment of the Land Control Appeals Committees to handle any appeals emanating from the land control committees Currently at the 1st Reading Stage I Parliament as at 11th May 2022 Comments on the bill have been submitted to the NA for consideration
5 The Valuers Bill, 2022 Bill Valuation https://cutt.ly/oJbraav It seeks to regulate the practice of valuation in Kenya Currently at the 1st Reading Stage I Parliament as at 11th May 2022 Comments on the bill have been submitted to the NA for consideration
6 The Landlord and Tenant Bill, 2021 Bill Construction https://cutt.ly/tJboSEq 1. It seeks to consolidate the laws relating to the renting of business and residential premises; to regulate the relationship between the landlord and tenant in order to promote stability in the rental sector                           2. It creates a Tribunal which shall have powers to determine, assess or vary the rent payable and service charge in respect of any premises, and fix the date from which the rent is payable on the application of either the landlord or tenant. The Bill is awaiting Division at the second reading stage in the Senate Lobby for the bill to be passed by the Senate
7 The National Building Regulations, 2022 Regulations Construction https://cutt.ly/OJba1KD To protect public health, safety and general welfare as IT relateS to the construction and occupancy of buildings and structures Validation stakeholder forum – Friday, 6th May 2022. The Regulations are currently in the Attorney Generals Office Promoting the use of Modern Innovative building technologies. Benchmarking with lessons from other countries. Lobby for the building regulations to be passed
8 National Addressing System Bill, 2021 Bill Construction https://cutt.ly/oJbsjQT It will focus on providing a framework for the naming, numbering and allocation of addresses for addressable objects such as streets and properties. Public Participation stage Lobby for a standardized and easily verifiable naming and addressing information system which will promote the uptake of e-Commerce and improve service delivery.
9 The Draft Urban Areas & Cities Act Regulations Regulations Urban Development https://cutt.ly/MJbfWJI To operationalize the Urban Areas and Cities Act Public Participation stage Submit comments on the regulations
10 The Kenya Roads (Ammendment) Bill, 2022 Bill Urban Development https://cutt.ly/dJbfXUK To ammend the Kenya Roads Act, 2007 to require all public roads to have lanes or tracks reserved for exclusive use by pedestrains and non-motorised vehicles and to require all urban areas to bicycle parking Public Participation stage Lobby for the ammendments