The Consultative Meeting between KPDA and the National Construction Authority held on Tuesday, 4th November 2014 at the Nairobi Serena Hotel, Nairobi

The Kenya Property Developers Association held a consultative breakfast meeting with the National Construction Authority (NCA) to discuss the 2014 National Construction Authority (NCA) Regulations. A discussion took place on establishing adequate frameworks and mechanisms to provide support so that difficulties currently being experienced in the implementation of the regulations can be overcome. The meeting included participation from various stakeholders in the property development industry.

The consultative meeting was moderated by the KPDA Vice Chairman, Mr. Mucai Kunyiha (Managing Director, Kzanaka Ltd/Group Managing Director, Cooper K-Brands Ltd). Other officials who were in attendance were:

  • Steven Oundo – Chairman, National Construction Authority (NCA) Board
  • Daniel Manduku – Executive Director, National Construction Authority (NCA)
  • Laila Macharia – Vice Chairman, Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA)
  • Hamish Govani – Chairman, Kenya Property Developers Association (KPDA)
  • Palkesh Shah – Treasurer, Kenya Property Developers Association (KPDA)
  • Waweru Gathecha – Chairman, Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK)
  • Emma Miloyo – Chairman, Architects’ Chapter – Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK)

Some of the pertinent issues raised on the floor by members included concerns over the high construction levy of 0.5% imposed on developers’ projects, queries on the exact site inspection and valuation processes regularly carried out by the Authority, ways in which KPDA can interact better with NCA for the protection of its members, as well as exploring the possibility of having a ‘one stop’ shop for interlinking quasi-government agencies. Members also raised a concern over the exact meaning of a ‘duly qualified professional’ as mentioned in the Act.

NCA committed to ease the process of KPDA members registering their projects by creating a ‘Property Developers Help Desk’ specifically geared at assisting property developers register their projects with the Authority. KPDA Members were also encouraged to employ and train skilled labourers at project sites and consequently, the Authority would be willing to consider offsetting the mandatory construction levy payable. The Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) program currently being undertaken by Housing Finance as part of its CSR was commended by NCA and used as an example for partnerships that would be beneficial for the project quality of all property developers. KPDA members were encouraged by Housing Finance Business Operations Director, Mr. Timothy Gitonga, to consider taking on TVET trainees for attachment programs in their companies with an aim of absorbing skilled labourers to assist at project sites.

NCA was called upon to offer an opportunity to KPDA members to allow for lobbying and improving aspects of the NCA 2014 Regulations as well as invite KPDA (and other relevant stakeholders) to review the NCA Code of Ethics that is currently being reviewed.

Participants emphasized exploring potential synergies that could be mapped and harnessed between KPDA and the Authority to channel optimum development in the property industry and the country as a whole.

Finally, KPDA expressed their profound thanks and appreciation to NCA for having hosted this consultative meeting.

To download the event rapporteur notes, please click here

*Photography by Vanessa Knight